Manage deals on the cloud, offer you the best and helps to grow your business.

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Easy and cost-effective marketing tool to attract new and loyal customers

DealGali is the next step in the evolution of local commerce. We offer you an easy and cost-effective marketing tool to attract new and loyal customers for your business. And with multiple channels to reach a range of targeted customers, we ensure that you not only find more customers, but also the right ones for your business. In our state-of the-art technology, you get the resources, space and customers you need to boost your sales

DealGali offers global potential on a local scale

DealGali helps you find and retain more customers. Vendors/Sellers/Stores can also verify their deals whenever they wish to and can offer new discounts or deals throughout the day. It is also a great opportunity for local street vendors to talk to customers right on their doorstep. 'DealGali' offers global potential on a local scale.

Enjoy simplicity, save your time and boost sales with DealGali

DealGali is the quickest way to generate returns on your advertising spends. For a relatively small investment, you can see almost instantaneous result with customers coming in and showing you the deals and offers on their smartphones. You can modify the deals, discounts and offers anytime.

Smartphone Users

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Unlike Traditional marketing experiences, great deals on the go are DealGali's mission. Simply install our free app to your smartphone and get notified about the best deals, discounts and offers at a location near you with our GPS-based technology. Get deals and discounts on the best things in your city - from restaurants and family outings to personal fitness centers, spa indulgences, home services and many more. Email, Facebook status updating or Tweet your friends about the deals and discounts and share the love. Discover amazing new shops near you that you've never tried before, while getting great discounts

Save your money & time and enjoy comfort with DealGali

Smartphone users can now find the best deals on offers from stores in their vicinity at just the touch of a screen with the whole new smartphone app. Get to know attractive deals, offers and discounts within close proximity and find the best discounts and deals of stores, hotels and restaurants nearby with no need to run shop-to-shop looking for the best bargains. All you need is an Android or iPhone powered smartphone to get your hands on great products and services at the stores near you.