Frequently asked Questions

+  What is DealGali?
DealGali is an application that enables smartphone users to view the deals, offers, discounts and advertisements of local businesses nearby.The DealGali app enables local businesses to grow their sales and increase their customer base.
+  Why should I register on DealGali?
Any business entities can place their deals, offers, discounts and advertise about their location on Customers can find the best deals, discounts, offers they require and spot them in their nearest location using their smartphone. DealGali connects your local business to nearby smartphone users. Rather than only drawing potential customers who are walking down your specific street, you can reach potential customers from every nearby street. DealGali supports all local businesses, be it a local street vendor, a shop or a bigger store, to grow their business and increase their sales.
+  How can I add my deals, discounts and offers on DealGali?
Simply register your company on After having registered and logged in, you can add your favorite deal and discount by simply tapping add deals and entering the information on your deal or discount.
+  How will Smartphone Users be informed about my deals and discounts?
Your deals, discounts and offers will flash on the smartphones.The DealGali application will update nearby smartphone users about your deals and discounts and company advertisements.
+  How can I edit my profile information?
Simply click first on settings and afterwards on profile to edit your profile information.
+  I submitted a deal but I can't see it in the DealGali app. What happened?
Either your deal has expired or it was not activated. To activate your deal, you will receive an email request to activate your deal in DealGali. After having activated your deal, it will be visible on the DealGali app.
+  How do I reactivate my deal that I have added previously?
Please e-mail or contact us on or +91-11-45680202 and we will reactivate your deal.
+  Who will see my company profile?
Only the DealGali Team is able to see your company profile. Other Smartphone Users are not able to see it.
+  Who will see my deals, offers, discounts and advertisements?
All Android or iOS Smartphone Users can download the DealGali application and view your deals, discounts and offers. They will see your great deals and offers and come to your shops and buy your products and services. DealGali boosts your sales and increases your customer base.
+  What kind of benefits do I have after activated added a deal or discount on DealGali?
DealGali is an efficient low-cost marketing medium for your business. Smartphone users can see the activated deals of your company on their smartphones and reach directly to your business. This can boost your sales like never before. Now make your deals and offers visible and see how many people walk through your door. Become a nationwide brand, you are more than just a street shop!
+  How much does the DealGali smartphone application cost?
DealGali is absolutely FREE of cost. Internet costs might be charged as per your service provider. There are absolutely no hidden costs
+  Why should I download the DealGali smartphone application?
To find the best deals, discounts, offers of local sellers near you. DealGali saves your time and effort. With DealGali you save money while discovering new places and experiencing the best deals of local sellers near you.
+  Which mobile version do I required to use the DealGali smartphone application?
Android Version 2.2 or later, iOS 6 or later
+  Which mobile version do I required to use the DealGali smartphone application?
DealGali populates information of deals around you, if your notification service is ON. DealGali is instant and community-minded. With DealGali, you:
  • Get the best deals and offers of local sellers nearby
  • Discover great new shops and entertainment places near you
  • Support local sellers
  • Neither credit card number nor bank account details required
  • Save time and money

Just download the DealGali smartphone application and enjoy the comfort.

+  Size of memory space DealGali will consume on my smartphone?
10 MB on Android / 10 MB on iOS
+  What kind of information will be shown on MyGali?
All deals running near you will be shown up on your MyGali tab. See best offers, deals and information from your nearest sellers. MyGali specifies the route path for the distance between the location of local sellers and your current place.
+  Am I able to filter MyGali?
Yes, you can filter your deals, by using the filter button at top right corner under MyGali tab. Filter in the list to narrow down to a specific category.
+  How can I see my favorite deals and seller on top?
Bookmark your deals and sellers from their screen and they were visible under bookmark screen.. Bookmark the deals and sellers you like to save and share them with friends via text, Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn.
+  Does DealGali show the deals of nearby sellers from my current location?
+  How do I know the distance from my current location to the shop with the tailored deal I desire?
The distance from your current location is mentioned at the right side of the deals in km/mt. For more information open deals and click on map direction. One pin will show your current location and another pin will show the exact location of the seller. MyGali specifies the route path for the distance between the location of the local seller and your current place.
+  Can I save my deal information for future reference?
Yes, you can. Open your deals or sellers and click on the add to save button. It will automatically bookmark the deal information to your favorite list. Bookmark the deals and sellers you like to save and share them with friends via text, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.
+  Will I receive a smartphone notification when I am nearer to my selected category?
Yes. You will stay updated. Get notified with every new offers and deals of local sellers. Pick from different categories such as lifestyle, education, spa & beauty and many more.
+  How can I start / stop the automatic smartphone notification?
You can turn it off or on in the notification button in settings.
+  Can I share the DealGali deals and offers with friends via Facebook / Twiter / LinkedIn?
Of course! Simply share it via Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn by tapping the share options in settings. Share the best deals, offers and sellers with your friends and families.
+  Can Can I send an SMS or E-mail about DealGali?
Yes, select e-mail or SMS from the share option in settings.
+  How do I inform my family member or friends about any seller or deal information?
Open the deals you like and click on share. It is simple and fast! You can inform your family and friends using SMS and e-mail. Spread it around and share the love.
+  How Can I search any specific service or product?
Yes, click on the search and type what you are looking for. Our search engine provide you best possible match result to you. DealGali always brings you something cool to try.